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used Cort Earth-M-Bevel Acoustic Guitar

This is a Bevel Cut collection that maximizes your convenience by applying an ergonomically designed armrest. It is divided into four models depending on the front plate and body type. OM body, dreadnought body, mahogany top and spruce top, and modern player's most preferred options.


It is an all-mahogany model made of mahogany to the top plate as well as the side, the plate. Provides more bass and warmer sound than Spruce Top models. The appearance is also more luxurious.


In order to enhance the convenience of playing, we adopted an armrest bevel cut. It adds a more luxurious feel to the appearance.


Open pore finish which reveals the grain of wood. Maximize the sound of the body is transmitted from the wood. It is lighter than other finishes, so it is better to play.


The back of the bridge is deeply pierced. It maintains the slope of the strings most ideally and guarantees the best sustain. It also has the effect of improving performance by softening the tension.


It is a high quality tuner manufactured by precision casting method. Stable and precise tuning is possible. Metal buttons are used to add a modern feel to the design.

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